Light of the world

Light of the World

Hello!! Today I would love to tell you all about a beautiful verse that brings me so much JOY! It is Matthew 5:14. Oh man! This is a wonderful reminder to live by! I want you to picture yourself in your room. Alone. You just found out that you lost your job. You have a chain wrapped round your heart that has a big weight at the end of it. You have no spouse to help. You think of your kids as you have no way to support them. Your heart is breaking. Even in that picture of hopelessness you still can find joy. Or maybe you are a young girl that just found out that your parents are getting a divorce. There is a joy. Yes, sometimes it can be hard to find but it’s there. A joy that can’t come from the world. A joy that is found is a little boy. And you may be thinking, A little boy? How can joy come from a little boy? Well, I will tell you. This little boy was born one night in a backyard of a hotel with no rooms open. His mom was a fourteen year old girl that was engaged to a guy that was about sixteen. Now I know it sounds crazy but ALL my joy is found in this boy that comes from a broken family. This boy came down from Heaven and became a boy in this world. His beautiful name is Jesus Christ. His Father is God. John 3:16- For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. That boy came down, grew up, then died when He was thirty, but it didn’t end there. He died on a cross then was buried in a tomb, but after three days He rose from the tomb! Hello! That is crazy!! I can’t tell you how much joy that gives me! This blog is ALL about this story!!

Main point: Jesus is the Light of the World! We all NEED Him to have joy in the easy and in the hard. When you have a job or no job, parents together or not. When you have Jesus in your life you will have SO much joy in every aspect of life! Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the JOYS of those who take refuge in HIM! (Psalm 34:8) Guys, if you don’t know Him go find a Christian church, find the pastor and ask him what to do! I would be honored to talk with you as well. Comment below so we can talk!😊 I can’t tell you how much joy you will have!

You are the Light of the world.

Thank you all for reading today! I pray that you will find the joy and share the Light!

Much love,


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