Who are you???

Guess what!?!?! We (meaning you and I, because we are on this journey together) are going to start a series on this blog! This series is going to be called “Who are you???”.  We need to have a pre-week 1 before we can dive into week 1. So here we go! 😊

Do you ever wake up and hear that voice asking you, “Who are you??? Who are you to even wake up this morning? You should be dead. Who are you to be working here?? No one even sees you. Who are you to say that to them? You don’t even believe that yourself.” That voice just questions WHO you are and WHERE you are. It tells you, “You are unqualified, unloved, not seen, a failure, just some trash, not enough, not smart enough, not heard, a mess, broken, a thing, alone.” The list goes on and on and on and on. But when that soundtrack starts to play how do you turn it down? How do you “put in the earplugs”?
I found that it can be very hard to find the volume on the speakers. I have been doing some Sword work (looking in the Bible) about this and God just dropped this word in my mailbox. To understand who we are in Christ we need to know who we are in. By this I mean we need to know who Jesus says He is and know that it is the Truth. Then we can fully understand who we are in Christ. So I want to give you all some Names and Titles for Jesus.
God tells us Jesus is His “Beloved Son of God.” – Matt. 3:17. And Jesus is, Faithful and True,- Rev. 19:11, the Good Shepherd,- John 10:11, I am,- John 8:58, Immanuel,- Isaiah 7:14, Light of the World😊,- John 8:12, Peace,- Eph. 2:14, the Resurrection and the Life, – John 11:25, Victorious One, – Rev. 3:21, Bright Morning Star, – Rev. 22:16.
Jesus is the Resurrection and we are in Him then we have new life! And Jesus is the Victorious One then we have victory even when the world doesn’t.

I think you see where I am going with this. 😊 Jesus is the Light of the world and He is in us so we are the Light of the world too!
So first to understand who we are in Christ is to see who Christ is. This week I want to challenge you to find just one name of Jesus that stands out to you and repeat it over and over and over in your head. For an example if you took the name the Resurrection and look up what it means in the Dictionary (or Google😊) and then maybe ask your pastor what he thinks it means, and he may throw some Greek into it.πŸ˜‰ I will being doing this challenge with you too because I will never tell you to do something that I am not doing too. So find a Name of Jesus that sticks out to you and meditate on it all week. When you are in class, ( but listen to the teacher!) at work, in bed, and any down time you have. This is a short post but it is to prepare you for the start of our series. I am so humbled to be talking with you all! Thank you reading!!
You are the Light of the world!

Much love, KM

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